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The Unholy Triumvirate

Look at me! DONG!

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We are the Unholy Triumvirate.

Prepare to have your face rocked by flaccid cocks.

Find freedom in your actions and your thoughts. Then define your freedom through your actions and thoughts.

The Unholy Triumvirate consists of Pete, Evan, and Jon, and this page chronicles their adventures in public nudity (both past and present) and their desire to share with others the joy and spiritual freedom that can be had through such endeavors.

More than anything, this page is about being naked and the funny stories that inevitably follow.
If you have any type of story involving sex, nudity, or a similar topic, whether it be public or just during "you time", you should post it.

We can promise you an appreciative audience.

I, uhhhh.... sorta adopted a kitten for us :P
my pet!