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Too mature to share embarrassing sex stories??? - The Unholy Triumvirate

About Too mature to share embarrassing sex stories???

Previous Entry Too mature to share embarrassing sex stories??? Jul. 31st, 2006 @ 04:57 am
Apparently, no one has creepy/risky/adventurous sexual encounters anymore. For this, I am quite sad.

So, Danny and I are sitting on the couch and I am downloading music on my laptop. I am neglecting his attention as we have just had a rediculous argument in which we concluded that the other was condescending and over politically-correct or unyeilding and disrespactful. (Geuss which one I was).

Anyway, I'm a sucker for nuzzles and that's just what he did. Although I was inhibited because his mother was in the room and I was still hurt from the fight, things heated up when she went upstairs to go to bed shortly thereafter.

Kissing necks turns me on and I instantly felt that butterfly twinge in my lower abdomine. I climbed onto Danny's lap. The salt on his skin and his pheremones made me crazy with passion and for the first time in my life, I wanted to suck dick without the expectation of mutual pleasure or coaxing Danny into bed. He just made me hot and I craved his taste. I believe the passion was fueled by the argument and my relief at its resolution.
I unzipped his pants and went to work as I kneeled in front of the couch at his knees. I rubbed myself on his shin and massaged and scratched his thighs in a circular motion. When my mouth needed a brake, I let my hands do the work and watched Danny bite his lip. He gestured and I took my shirt off because I wanted to see the explosion on my chest.

Right before climax, I hear a door open upstairs and see the bottom of Danny's mother's nightgown at the top of the stairs from between the rails. The feet descend and I have no time to grab my shirt. I bolt into the bathroom and Danny turns over and acts like he is asleep on the couch.

She knocked on the bathroom door so I told her I was getting ready for bed. When I heard her go into the kitchen for a glass of water, I ran out into the livingroom in only my bra and pants to retrieve my shirt and slipped it over my head. After going to the bathroom, Danny's mom drousily stumbled up the stairs again, unaware that I had had Danny's dick in my mouth not 2 mintues before. I decided that was enough excitement and I slept in my boyfriend's bed like any respactable girl would at a parent's house while Danny snored on the couch.

Ugh, his mom almost saw how much of a nice, polite girl I really am.

And wow, that really resembled a story that might make it into Tight magazine.
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